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Designed and manufactured in conformity to various stringent Indian and International specifications, our power products are equipped with fully compartmentalized design, electrolytic copper/aluminium bus bars of optimum capacity with SMC/DMC supports. They are capable of withstanding high vault levels, to the extend of 50 KA (for 1 sec.) Adequate ventilation has been ensured in the design keeping the temperature rise well within 35 degree Celsius at an ambient of 40 degree Celsius.

Today we are capable of designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning of a wide range of electrical control panels as per the requirements of the clients. The panels have successfully undergone the short time withstand test (50KA) temperature rise test and degree of protection.

They are in full conformity with IS specifications for general arrangements of bus, bars, switches and degree of protection.


  • Power Protection and Distribution Panels.
  • Transmission Line Power Protection.
  • Conveyor Panels - Zinc, Iron ore etc.
  • Radial Distribution Panels LT and HT.
  • Auto Transformer Starters - 415 11kV 1000hp.
  • Draw Out Type MCCB.
  • Power Factor Correction Panels.
  • Transformer Protection Control Panels.
  • Alternator Control and Synchronizing Panel up to 1Mega Watt.
  • Sound Protection Substations and Emergency Power up to 250 kVA

Type Tests:

  • Short Time Withstand Test for LT Panels 60kA for 1 second.
  • Temperature Resistance Test 800 Amps Capacity.
    Dgree of Protection Test IP 43 to IP 51.

Some of our Clients :

  • BSNL, India
  • MES, India
  • Port Trust
  • Southern Railways, India
  • Tata Institute
  • CPRI, India


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