Underbar equipment will streamline your back bar area and provide necessary stations and areas for your bartenders to work. We carry underbar ice bins, blender stations, sinks, drainboard units, and more! This equipment will organize ice and liquor, designate stations for mixing and blending drinks, and prevent your washing area from contaminating your prep area.

From cocktail stations and liquor display racks to glass rack storage and add-on units, this stainless steel underbar equipment is sure to increase your space-efficiency and make your bar more convenient for staff.

Top - 16G 304 SS with & 2” Double beaded on all sides.
Service of drinks,and cocktails and bars., Our range comprises of speed rails, glass racks, ice,chests, garnish tray, mix bottle wells, liquor tier rack and waste chutes
Top - 16G 304 SS & 2” Double beaded on all sides.
Blender stations come with a convenient sink for rinsing the blender jar, and most stations feature a liquid waste chute where you can dispose of any excess ingredients. We offer many stations in different sizes to accommodate the size of your bar. You can also choose the depth of your unit so it sits flush with your other equipment. Choose from options with backsplashes, cold plates, and different numbers of cold plate circuits to suit your needs.
Top - 16G 304 SS mat finish
In bar, pub, or club, it’s important that you have a place to store ice for all of your signature mixed drinks. With our underbar ice bins, you can do just that. These products are designed to hold large amounts of ice, which helps make drink prep more efficient for your employees. Most of our commercial ice chests even have an insulated design that prevents ice from melting while in storage.
Top - 16G 304 SS & 2” Double beaded on all sides.
it allow your staff to keep all of their preferred liquors on hand while adding an interesting visual element to the back of your bar. These displays come in different heights and sizes to suit the volume of liquor you need to store as well as the space you have available in your business. You can fit these display racks under your bar or counter as well as inside certain cabinets to maximize your bartender's mixing space.
Finish -matt finish
Maintain smooth operations in your bar, pub, or restaurant with our underbar ice bin parts and cocktail unit accessories. These products are designed to function with their compatible underbar ice bins or cocktail units to help bartenders make drinks and maintain a clean prep area. Whether you’re looking for accessory parts to enhance your current unit, or you’re in need of a replacement to repair a broken or worn piece, we’re sure to have an option for you.