Barley & Grapes, Sahakarnagar, Bangalore.
Diners surviving on a limited budget at end of the month often prowl for pocket-friendly places. However, they are not as easy to find as you think. To make your search easier, Dolar Engg Industries Pvt Ltd has bought a great dining option for our client business that is not only high on flavor but is quite affordable as well. Whenever you are in a dilemma to score a good reasonable place then put down ‘Barley & Grapes Café’ as your destination. It can be a wonderful hangout for youths and even a small group of friends looking for a good time. You will find the café located at 60Ft Road, Byatarayanapura, Sahakara Nagar in North Bengaluru, propelling it inaccessible range for the locals. Barley & Grapes Café is a nice pit stop on the way home.

Your search for a casual, cozy eatery comes to an end with ‘Barley & Grapes Café’. With a bar menu limited to beer and wines, the café has a natural, laid-back appeal to it, which further accentuates when you glance through their European grub. Tucked in Sahakara Nagar, North Bengaluru, visit this place for a relaxing vibe.