Growth of Dolar Group along with the tides of growth in Commercial Kitchen Space

Growth of Dolar Group along with the tides of growth in Commercial Kitchen Space

For nearly three decades, Dolar Engg Group has proudly served the hospitality industry. Since our humble beginnings, the modern commercial kitchen has come a long way. Let’s take a look at what has changed in the commercial kitchen design and supply industry as we approach our 30th anniversary.

Diverse Menu Options – We’ve seen a development of cuisines and a rising variety of food selections in restaurants to cater to varied tastes over the years. In addition, there is a growing trend toward healthier eating and menu diversity, including fusion cuisines. To meet the various alternatives, a greater range of commercial equipment is required, including specialised ovens, woks, and steamers, as well as rice and noodle cookers.

Technological Advancements – If you’re of a previous generation, you’ll recall that technology was radically different 20 years ago than it is today. Who’d have guessed we’d be carrying smartphones with computer capabilities these days? Similarly, things have become more hi-tech in the kitchen, with automatic and smart combination functions that aid with efficiency, space, and energy savings.

Modern Layout and Designs – With real estate and space at a premium, we’re also seeing a trend toward smaller kitchen sizes. All appliances and equipment must now be accommodated and fitted into modern layouts and designs while remaining compliant and maximising efficiency. New equipment designs enable for installation above or below the bench, slim fit, and multi-functional operation.

HSE Standards – Nowadays, there is a lot more awareness and emphasis on health and safety standards, as well as revised regulations to maintain a safe working environment with fewer hazards and risks. This is particularly critical in commercial kitchens, where there are numerous risks in comparison to home kitchens. Commercial kitchen equipment is also subjected to more rigorous testing to verify that it meets safety regulations.

Dolar Engg Group and the Evolution of the Commercial Kitchen

Dolar Engg Group has been consistent in its commitment to service and supplying the food industry with the highest quality catering equipment over the past three decades, despite the fact that the modern kitchen has changed and grown tremendously. Our significant experience and knowledge enable us to stay ahead of the curve as we embrace technological breakthroughs and adjust our services to meet the changing market’s needs.

On all types of commercial, kitchen, and food equipment, we save company owners quite a lot of capital today and for years to come. We assist you in identifying the appropriate equipment from the start, ensuring your success with a well-planned and designed kitchen. Get in touch with us, visit to connect.

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