Steam Cooking, Advantages and Application

Steam Cooking, Advantages and Application

Steam cooking is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Primary reason being It’s tasty and healthy. Food that has been steamed retains more nutrients, natural flavours and colours. Steam cooking is more energy efficient in comparison to other cooking methods. Steamed food cooks at a lower temperature and at a faster rate. Another significant benefit is that it is odourless, you can save energy (and money!) by cooking multiple items at the same time without having the flavours mixed.

There are other advantages to steam cooking besides the obvious and well-known ones. It’s quick and can help commercial kitchens clean up faster. Food that is steamed is easier to digest. Steaming food can potentially aid in the preservation of cancer-fighting compounds.

Steam cooking can be found in some of the world’s oldest cultures, with Stone Age examples in Japan, Bronze Age records in Italy and Sardinia, and even cooking in steam pits 10,000 years ago in Arizona.

People used perforated bamboo baskets to set atop boiling water in ancient China, and steam cooking was a popular method back then. In northern Africa, couscous was frequently prepared in a similar manner. Steam’s power lives on today, thanks in large part to the numerous health benefits mentioned above.

Steam cooking works because when water is heated and vaporized into a gas — steam – that gas is always looking for ways to turn back into water. Unlike dry heat that radiates slowly, steam will seek out the coolest parts of the food in order to lower its temperature and turn back into water. When hot steam seeks out the cool areas of food, it results in a more even cooking process.

Today, we’re fortunate since the steaming process can be used in a variety of ways in commercial kitchens. We’re astonished by the quality of solutions that may assist businesses adopt steam cooking, from ovens that use moister as full-on steamers or as part of combi cooking technology to steaming in state-of-the-art kettles.

Dolar Engg Group is committed to providing chef-driven solutions, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about steam cooking equipment. Please feel free to speak with one of our specialists, and we’ll walk you through steam cooking equipment to help you decide which option is ideal for you. Visit to connect with us.

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