Dolar Group manufactures an entire range of Bakery equipments which includes Rotary Ovens, Deck Ovens, Dough Mixer, Cake Mixer, Dough Sheeters, Proofing Chambers, Bread Slicers. Dolar is a one stop shop for all your Bakery needs.

No. Of Blades 31 Blades 39 Blades
Capacity 240pcs/H 240pcs/H
Blade Frame width 385mm 485mm
Working width 375mm 475mm
Working height 150mm 150mm
Thickness of slice 12mm 12mm
Power 0.2 KW, 110V/220V 0.2 KW, 110V/220V
Machine size 630mm x 630mm x 685mm 675mm x 630mm x 740mm
Machine weight 70 Kgs 80 Kgs