Conceptual to Execution Kitchen

Execution of the kitchen equipment , Dolar Engineering Industires Private Limited is your right choice to execute the project, because once order is confirm with us, we are following the international standard procedure, from that day started our work to concentrate on the project, once we received the order confirmation, our project team has visit and inspect the site, and also take measurement of the site and given the feedback to our directors about the site condition as well as our project team attending site meetings with Owners, PMC and kitchen consultant, after that we are preparing the material submittal for bought out equipment, as well as the custom fabrication equipment to submit to the customer and kitchen consultant to get the approval, after we have got the approval from the kitchen consultant, we are start processing of the material procurement and also start the custom fabrication equipment with our factory.

We are providing to the customer for material tracking list, so the customer can easily understand we are delivering the material at the right and committed time. After that, our project team experienced installation technician will start the installation process and commissioned the kitchen equipment as per the committed date or as per the tender documents said date.

We have a strong team for the execution of kitchen equipment, such as project manager, project coordinator, well experienced and well-trained installation technicians to execute the project in the right time.

Modernization of Brands

Commercial kitchen equipment is vary the technology differ from the international brands, If you are taken normal oven to combi oven with the latest technology, you do not need wait in front of the combi oven, because all its programmable with all type of cooking menu, once the cooking has done the machine will give the alarm for the food is ready at the same time the machine will be OFF. Even that machine has a self-cleaning system, so you do not need to clean manually. Even the time, manpower, consumption of gas/electric is very less.

These kind of one of the reason Kitchen to be modernized as per the present scenario as per the new technology of equipment and service modernization.

Renovation of Kitchen

The renovation of the commercial kitchen every 10 years or 15 years is mandatory. Because now a days the new technology introducing in the international market from international suppliers.

After using, a long time kitchen requires to renovate including infrastructure and the equipment. We have a electrical, mechanical and civil team for renovating to the standards

AMC of the Food Service Equipment

Comprehensive annual maintenance contract and annual maintenance contract is mandatory for the customers, because any time the machine will stop for functioning.

The customer has to choose Dolar Engineering industires Private Limited for your equipment to bring It back normal working condition with in an hour, because we have well experienced and well trained technician with our company, all the technicians are well trained with the foreign suppliers for the imported equipment as well as our products,

What we do in the annual maintenance contract, our technician visits the site every month three or four times to inspect and cleaning the equipment, in case of any emergency call our technician will attend the complaint within an hour. In addition, we are providing the annual maintenance contract service in pan India

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